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Log performance impact tuning

I have read about logging performance impact many times, but I have never seen with my own eyes. That changed once I accidentally run full set of integration tests with full logging on, which took twice as long as with no log on. That changed my look on logging and now I will never look at a logger line the same way. The log's impact on application's performance is significant. It is definitely more than I anticipated and what is the worst part, it can be easily worsened by using a logger inappropriately. In this post, I will demonstrate how a small variance in logging line of code can make a huge difference in application's performance.

Maven build notifications

Setting up new environment is usually a great time to reflect on all the great things and all the bad things you had encountered in the past. Now I had just experienced this very moment twice in a row, thus resulting in a full scale tools revision. One of the things I have always overlooked were command line aliases. Once I decided to use aliases, another question was in order: Why to stop there, isn't there a way to put them to even better use? And after a while of googling I found a great article , it describes how to get system notifications from command line.