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Ldap security for JAMWiki

My last post was dedicated to using LDAP as security back end for Jenkins-CI . Now I would like to present a process of enabling the same security for my favourite wiki implementation ... JAMWiki . This post refers to version 1.2.0 . I believe that it is a shame, that this is not well documented. There is a commented-out section in config xml (WEB-INF/applicationContext-security.xml), but it does not work out of the box as I have hoped for and it's modification is not an easy task for someone not familiar with spring security. That is why I wrote this post. What I wanted to achieve was to connect the JAMWiki's security (users and roles) to my LDAP, that was presented in my last post. As it is always easier to manage users on the same place. This process is described on JAMWiki's web , but it is certainly not in a copy-paste form and it took me quite some time to modify into working piece of code.