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Ldap security for Jenkins CI

I recently deployed Jenkins CI on my personal server. The hardest question was what security solution should I use. As title of this post may have suggested I have chosen to use the infrastructure I already have ... LDAP. Now I would like to describe, how easy this configuration is and how it works. My LDAP structure My base dn is dc=effy,dc=cz. And it contains two organizationUnit s ... ou=people (to hold users) and ou=groups (to hold user roles). Groups (Roles) are presented by objectClass groupOfNames , they are identified by cn . People (Users) are of objectClass inetOrgPerson , thus identified by uid .

Performance of the string switch statement

One of the new Java 7 features is possibility to use String values in switch statements. Proper usage of this can be found for example in oracle tutorials . But what i wanted to know is how fast is that. Is the new way faster, than a series of if-else statements, or is it slower?