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Ldap security for Jenkins CI

I recently deployed Jenkins CI on my personal server. The hardest question was what security solution should I use. As title of this post may have suggested I have chosen to use the infrastructure I already have ... LDAP. Now I would like to describe, how easy this configuration is and how it works.

My LDAP structure My base dn is dc=effy,dc=cz. And it contains two organizationUnits ... ou=people (to hold users) and ou=groups (to hold user roles). Groups (Roles) are presented by objectClass groupOfNames, they are identified by cn. People (Users) are of objectClass inetOrgPerson, thus identified by uid.

Performance of the string switch statement

One of the new Java 7 features is possibility to use String values in switch statements. Proper usage of this can be found for example in oracle tutorials.
But what i wanted to know is how fast is that. Is the new way faster, than a series of if-else statements, or is it slower?